Get Along With Yourself 1st.

Besides knowing I’ll never actually get everything I want, I think if I could do the world even the slightest favor to remember me by, this would be my request ……………………………………And I’m serious too  !             Would all you people who have no desire at all to be happy, please for everyones sake. Go to the mirror 1st thing once you wake, take a good look and maybe even have a little talk with yourself, you know about the day ahead and who might have to spend time around, like them or not….Next ponder weather or not your just to freaken Lazy to change the things in your life that are making you a miserable no fun to be around person….If in fact that is the case…do the rest of us a favor and Go Back To Bed until later and try it again, in fact try it until your ready to be Nice….Because the world and the people in it have enough day to day problems and we don’t need your…Misery Loves Company attitude..Thanks and I mean it……Ynotflyers !!!


About ynotflyers

I'm an uprooted Philly Fan who made his way to Vegas, through Upstate New York then to the left really hard....Go Philly....
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